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Forum welcome and opening
Session 1 – LLW Repository Ltd and LLW management
The LLW management landscape has changed significantly since LLW Repository Ltd was created in 2008; and continues to be both dynamic and challenging for stakeholders involved in radioactive waste management. This session will provide perspectives on the challenges and opportunities for LLW management in the UK in 2019 and beyond; and reflections on the role of LLW Repository Ltd within this.
Speakers will include: Paul Pointon, the Managing Director of LLW Repository Ltd; Corhyn Parr, the UK Director of Waste Operations for the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority; and Martin Walkingshaw, Deputy Managing Director of LLW Repository Ltd.
Refreshments 10:50-11:30
Session 3 – Treatment and Other Services Chair: David Rossiter, Head of Waste Management Services, LLW Repository Ltd
Waste diversion has become a routine practice for waste producers across the UK, significantly enabled by the work of LLW Repository Ltd Waste Management Services team. As a result of this, and due to the growing pace of decommissioning in the civil nuclear sector, there is growing interest in the management of more complex waste streams which delivers its own set of challenges and opportunities. This session will provide an overview of the past, present and future work of Waste Management Services; including reflections and lessons learned on some of the complex projects currently being delivered.
Speakers will include: Howard Falconer – Head of Customer Management, LLW Repository Ltd; representatives from customer organisations; and others to be confirmed.
Closing plenary – Celebrating the National Waste Programme Helen Cassidy 15:50-16:10
LLW Repository Ltd leads the National Waste Programme on behalf of NDA and BEIS; leading the implementation of the UK strategy for the management of LLW for the nuclear industry across the UK. This closing plenary will provide a look back to celebrate the achievements of the National Waste Programme, and a look forward to the future of the programme.
Speaker: Helen Cassidy – Head of National Waste Programme, LLW Repository Ltd.